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3 Carat G, Flawless Old European Cut

Cutting Diamonds in America

Any diamond that is already in the US marketplace, and that requires a cutter's expert touch, is my chosen domain.  Do not hesitate to contact me, whether you prefer to  beautifully upgrade your own diamond, trade it, sell it or make a unique purchase.

I specialize in repair, restoration and refashioning of all styles of broken, antique, vintage, and modern diamonds. The standard of perfection is considered by many to be the modern ideal round, but I strongly believe there is inherent beauty in many styles. 

All cutting is done in my workshop - never overseas.

The American Rose Brilliant

My signature cut is called the American Rose Brilliant.  It features the artistry of the classic antique rose cut on its crown, atop a modern pavilion. This style is designed to outperform standard round brilliants.

Rough diamonds are not readily available to artisan cutters. That is why my source material generally comes from "estate" diamonds. These Old Mine and Old European diamonds entered America in the pre-War era.  

Sourced, designed, cut and available exclusively in the USA.

Meet the American Diamond Cutter

My name is Maarten de Witte, aka the Diamond Wizard.  I have 45 years experience as master diamond cutter in the USA, and was Director of the American School of Diamond Cutting.  I'm known as a craftsman, innovator and teacher - in wholesale and retail, branding, training, and research and development.  

I view the world of diamonds through a work-hardened lens. My scope of experience spans the solitude of the workbench to the world-wide community of cyberspace.  I am very passionate about the return of fine diamond cutting to the USA, especially producing new and unique high-performance “fancy round” diamonds. 


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