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3 Carat G, Flawless Old European Cut

Cutting Diamonds in America

I specialize in restoring, refashioning and reselling antique, vintage, and modern diamonds - maximizing the inherent value of all styles.


If you wish to beautify your own heirloom diamond - or sell it, trade it or make a unique new purchase - you deserve a master cutter's expertise and touch. Please contact me. 

All cutting is done in my workshop.

American Rose Brilliant -Black & White

The American Rose Brilliant

My signature cut is the American Rose Brilliant. It combines two traditional styles - the artistry of a classic rose cut crown, and the precision of a highly reflective modern pavilion - outperforming standard rounds. 

A full written description can be found here American Rose Brilliant, or click here for video

Rough diamonds are not readily available to artisan cutters. For this reason, "estate" diamonds are my basic raw material. These Old Mine and European Cut diamonds entered the American marketplace in the pre-WWII era.  

Sourced, designed, and cut exclusively in the USA.

Maarten de Witte - American Diamond Cutter

Meet the American Diamond Cutter

My name is Maarten de Witte, aka the Diamond Wizard. With 45 years experience as a master diamond cutter in the USA, I am former Director of the American School of Diamond Cutting. I'm a craftsman, innovator and teacher of - cutting, design, branding, sales, research and development.  

I view the world of diamonds through a work-hardened lens. My scope spans from the solitary workbench to the global industry, with a primary focus on preserving excellence in the American diamond trade.

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With Aleah from Jewelers Helping Jewelers

An impromptu video at the Chicago Responsible Jewelers Conference - October 2018

American Rose Brilliant

Pre- WWII Old European Cut diamond re-purposed as an American Rose Brilliant.


A glimpse at traditional ways that rough diamonds become gems. 

Expressing REAL love - A Truly EngaGing Ring

I am proud to have contributed to this amazing story. 

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